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Total Kitchen Solutions, 30 Years in the making - by Richard Hein.

My Grand Father, M.S. Hein, started Cabinet Making / Joinery in Mount Gambier SA, in approximately 1945. His three sons Robert (Bob), Alan and Kevin all learnt the trade in the business located on Wehl Street Mount Gambier. The business 'MS Hein & Sons' still trades today but has no association with Total Kitchen Solutions.

My Father Alan taught both myself and my brother Michael the trade. He is a very competent and talented tradesman who always prided himself on quality, punctuality and enjoying the vast array of people that would come across his path doing business. He now resided in Tasmania in the mountainous north west, and enjoys cabinetmaking from his workshop on the hill.

My brother Michael now runs an extremely large and successful building business with his wife Jenny, in Portland, Victoria. I'm proud to say Total Kitchen Solutions provide all the quality cabinetry and that we have created a brilliant system together that guarantees the kitchens always install smoothly and efficiently.

Dad, my brother and I built the first shed in 1983 at Cave Road, Mount Gambier, and started manufacturing both kitchens and furniture. I went very quickly into the office as I seemed to have natural perfectionist qualities and computer skills. (Big thank you to Stan Yoannidis for mentoring me from 1984, with business advice and introducing me to Excel Spread Sheets etc ). Dad was very much a hands on person and ran the workshop and team well. I'm a great believer in placing people into the positions they are most suited, including myself.

My wife Angela, runs her own business on Commercial Street, Mount Gambier called "Seasonal Journey" - scrap booking and quilting. She is extremely talented, not only in running her business but also teaching up to 35 people per week in the classes she provides. My step son Daniel has been helping in the office, drafting plans and quoting and Jordan, who was 2012 Tenison Woods College school captain, is looking ahead to university studies in graphic design and photography.

In 1987 the business was raised to the ground by a fire, but you can't hold a great thing back! We rebuilt it bigger, stronger and better in all areas. We now have state of the art machinery that includes a down draft baking oven (spray painting booth) and a huge amount of factory floor space.

In 2000, we were one of the first companies in South Australia to install Flat Bed CNC Router technology that allow us to manufacture to a 10th of a millimetre and produce parts to the highest accuracy and quality.

And so we have over the last 30 years (with pain sweat and perseverance), built extremely productive and highly efficient systems that guarantee the smooth manufacture and / or installation of our quality kitchens and cabinetry, including glass splash backs and stone bench tops.

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality cabinets, supplied on time and to the most economical price.

Over the years I have learnt Its one thing to have systems but another to have the capable and right people following and executing them to the tee.

Our Team :

Yvonne Hartnett is the office manager, and has devoted herself to years of serving our customers with book keeping, proposals, processing orders and assists in the day to day organisation and customer liaison.

Michael Carne Is the Factory Manager and has devoted year of service to the business. He is a competent tradesman and is focused on manufacturing our cabinetry to the highest quality and ensuring our team produce the cabinet's on-time.

Kimeyl Mcelroy's position is Draftsperson and has devoted years of loyal service to the business. He ensures the plans and specifications are of the highest accuracy and like his father, is a very capable all rounder.

Daniel Hein also works in drafting the cabinet plans.

Wayne (Willy) Brown, is in charge of our Solid Timber section. He is an extremely capable tradesman and prides himself in manufacturing to the highest quality and standard. He is the longest serving employee at Total Kitchen Solutions and has devoted many years of loyal service to the business and our customers.

Albert Vandehayden is the installation manager and is a very capable trademan, ensuring all cabinetry arrive safe, secure and are installed to the highest standard.

Josh Doyle is serving his apprenticeship, has a great positive attitude and a great asset to the team.

Michael Ferguson is an extremely competent tradesman and has an extensive knowledge of all facets of cabinet making, making him very useful and integral part of the team.

Shane Duigan is a great help to the business and is very useful over a wide range areas needed in the business. He also assists in team building and maintaining a high moral in the workshop.