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We have state-of-the-art machinery to produce the highest quality finished product. We were one of the first companies in South Australia to install flat bed router technology which allowed us to manufacture to a 10th of a millimetre and produce parts to the highest accuracy and quality.

Our edge banding machine takes seconds and a couple of buttons to change tape thickness and delivers a high quality finish with minimal clean up.

Our paint section has a dust extraction booth, vacuum dust extraction and a semi-down draft paint booth / baking oven. This guarantees quality painted panels and a very safe work environment for our employees. We also pay to have liquid waste safely disposed and look after the environment God has given us to look after.

The solid timber section includes a wide belt sander (machine anything from table tops), honey comb blue applicator, panel/bench press, five head moulder, spindle moulder, overhead router, bandsaw and other pneumatic machines.

We have a hugh factory floor space which ensures we don't loose time shifting parts or cabinets due to lack of space.

Our greatest factory asset however is of course our staff - please see 'about us'.